We cleaned the RV very well so that we didn’t have to pay an additional fee for that. But it has been a stressful morning.

Micki drove us to the RV company and took us to the hotel. Hilton Garden Inn. We went to the pool and had a lot of fun. After that we walked to the trainstation and walked a long distance to the movie theater. Tom and Luis watched ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and the rest of the family watched ‘The secret life of pets’. What a cool theater it was! You could pull out a footrest and each of us had a lot of space. We ate dinner at a very nice salad restaurant with lots of delicious soups, pasta, desserts…

On saturday we met Kirsten, Andy and Christian in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We walked through the dinosaur exhibition and the space discovery. A great museum with a lot to touch and see for kids.

One last time in the pool, one last night in America, one last breakfast. We’ll be on the plane until monday afternoon (german time).

The last day with the RV

We had to leave the KOA until 11 am, which I think has always been very uncomfortable time for us to leave a campground. So there was no time to test the playground and it was to hot anyway. 

We made our way to the Zoo in Colorado Springs, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. What a lovely zoo! The kids fed giraffes and we watched a zookeeper taking care of an elephant. So much to see. What I really liked were the waterfountains where you could fill up your bottle. That helped a lot.

In the evening we landed where we began: At Tom and Micki’s houses. We parked the RV in the drive way and started tidying up. Tomorrow we will have to return the RV until 10:30 am. Already dumped, gased up, cleaned. Oh my God! So, good (short) night.

Colorado Springs

For the second time of our trip we’re going to Colorado Springs. But first of all we had an american breakfast with bacon, egg, pancakes and french toast. Very delicious. 

On the way to CS we dropped off part of our luggage at the hotel in which we are going to stay on friday and saturday. Another stop was at the Boot Barn and looked for some western clothes. 

In CS we went to the Schnitzel Fritz and had a very good schnitzel and currywurst. Perfectly filled Mitch and Anke took us to a pub around the corner and invited us on a localy brewed beer. A very nice meeting and we hope to meet the both of them in Germany soon.

The Last campground of our trip is another KOA. It is spacious but again at a highway and airport. That is maybe the loudest spot of all spots we had. But the playground looks nice. We will test it tomorrow morning.

Towards the end

Tonight we are camping in another state park. It is the St. Vrain State Park near Boulder. It is nice but nothing like the other state parks. A lot of grey goose walked, swam and flew over the campground. We had some rain and wind but that didn’t keep us away from making our last campfire and s’mores.

Today we tried to find a parking lot in Boulder to walk around town a bit. But it seems like they don’t expect such long vehicles to drive through town. But Boulder is pretty. We’ll be coming back another time in a smaller vehicle.


We went to Keystone in order to see a nice ski resort and spent some time. We discovered very nice playgrounds and the kids enjoyed the time til it started raining. Rain?!? Unbelievable. We had just a little rain at the cabin but that monday it rained til the evening. 

We wanted to eat in Dillon in a steak restaurant Luis once went, but unfortunately they would open an hour later than we expected. So we ran (it rained heavily) to a BBQ restaurant and had to wait another 30 minutes until we had a table. But the food was great. 

In the afternoon we reached the central city KOA. Nice and neat and not too narrow lots. But at night the electricity broke down because a lightning killed a telephone pole.

On the road to Frisco

We left Stagecoach State Park at noon and went on the road to another lake close to Dillon. Luis had been there years ago and always wanted to show me that beautiful area. It took us quite a while to get there because the kids got hungry and we had our regular ‘on the road lunch’: Sandwiches. A few minutes after we went back on the road, the first child needed a restroom. That happened pretty often today, so we had to stop every twenty minutes. 

We came to a beautiful park in Frisco. The Pine Peak Park. Very natural and next to the lake. We’ve met some other campers who liked to have a talk with us. A couple invited us over to their house for tomorrow, when we will be going to Golden. 

We had lasagne for dinner. We bought it frozen at Walmart and didn’t realize that it would take 2 hours in the oven to get ready! But it was worth waiting.

Wonderful day

We did stay and had a nice, not on the road, day. We ran out of bread and bought one in the campground shop for 5$! That one has to be tasty. In the morning and afternoon we stayed at the beach and the kids had fun with plastic boxes and spoons. Luis caught a crayfish and after that the kids refused to go back into the water. Later he saw a snake and heard about another one in the water. 

At 8pm there was a s’mores and music campfire organized by the rangers. What a great fun this was! They had even something like ‘Stockbrot’. They took croissant dough and roasted it over the fire and put chocolate pudding in it and whipped cream on it. And to make me, Anne, totally happy they sang a lot of my favorite songs and I sang along. The last one was ‘Good riddance’. We went to bed happily and again sad, because we will have to leave tomorrow.

Stagecoach State Park

Again a little bit of trouble finding a campground. We had no Wifi during the last days. So we went to McDonalds and used their wifi. This is how we found Stagecoach State Park. Of course, just like yesterday, the last spot had just been given away to someone else. And we must have had such sad eyes that the nice ranger thought again and discovered an open place for us. Right next to the swim beach! The kids love it and we hope to stay another night. And the wifi is fabulous!

Dinosaur quarry

On thursday morning we took off to the quarry. The entrance offert first impressions and merchandise. Even toys from Germany. Well, of course we took some things with us. We couldn’t resist.

A shuttle took us to the exhibition hall and quarry. It was amazing to imagine how the Rocky Mountains rose and the first dinosaur bones had been discovered. After we’ve walked around the hall we decided to hike the road to the welcome centre. At first it was pretty hot, but we made it.

We wanted to stay in Steamboat Springs and the journey has been quite a struggle. We didn’t go as fast as we thought and we had some trouble finding a campground. We stayed in a beautiful state park (Steamboat Lake State Park). Unfortunately we didn’t get a spot with any hook up and next to a compost toilet. We wanted to change place the next morning, but all the places were already booked.